Extenuating Circumstances

The GCRB committee and assessors meet once a year to review applications for Genetic Counsellor Registration and Renewal of Registration.

If an Applicant or Registered Genetic Counsellor is unable to submit their documentation on the appropriate date, an Extenuating Circumstances Form must be completed.

This form must be submitted to the administrator as soon as possible after the onset of circumstances, but no later than the date that the portfolio submission or renewal of registration is due.


The GCRB will not make a decision unless the Extenuating Circumstances form is completed properly and corroborating evidence is attached. Corroborative evidence may be:

  • A medical certificate
  • A letter from a BACP counsellor or clinical psychologist, confirming a psychological or emotional condition for which you have been receiving counselling
  • An official document such as a Police Report
  • A letter from a solicitor.


If an applicant or registrant wishes to appeal the outcome of any GCRB decision regarding Registration or Renewal, please refer to the GCRB Appeals Process.

If after reading the Appeals Process, an Applicant or Registrant wishes to submit an appeal, please complete the Appeals Form.

Submitting an appeal after an Investigation Panel or a Fitness to Practice Panel

If you are not satisfied with the results after an Investigation Panel or Fitness to Practice Panel please refer to the GCRB Process under these cicumstances. Before lodging an appeal you might like to contact the GCRB Chair to discuss the reason for the appeal, in case moderation can mean early resolution of the issue. Please submit the appeal on this Appeals Form.

For further information, please contact the GCRB Administrator

GCRB Administrator

46 Park Hill

Carshalton Beeches

Surrey SM5 3RU